Eagles in trouble at safety again

You have to feel awful for Philadelphia Eagles safety Marlin Jackson, who ruptured his right Achilles tendon during workouts Tuesday. As most of you know, he was returning from back-to-back ACL tears. And the league's not exactly full of defensive backs who've made successful returns from ruptured Achilles tendons. In fact, none are coming to mind right now.

Jackson had a solid chance of winning the starting safety spot opposite of Quintin Mikell. Now, it looks like rookie Nate Allen will be forced onto the field in Week 1. I think Allen would have been in the running no matter what, but the Eagles wanted to have a veteran option. Now the position is holding the team hostage again. It's not like Quintin Demps and Macho Harris showed much in their auditions last season.

And if you watched the Giants play at all last season, you know what a team without legitimate safeties can look like. For the record, I think Allen's going to be an excellent player. But it's not easy for a rookie to step on the field from Day 1 and know how to make all the proper calls. I'm about ready to start calling this the Dawkins curse.

No matter how they spin it, this was a really bad day for the Eagles. They were excited with Jackson's progress after two serious knee injuries, but now he'll miss another season.