Keith Brooking unplugged

BrookingBrookingCowboys inside linebacker Keith Brooking talked to us on Dallas-Fort Worth's 103.3 FM ESPN this afternoon. Here's some of the audio. I asked a couple questions on your behalf and we got Brooking fired up about Eagles tight end Brent Celek. You might recall that Celek told us two months ago that he was looking forward to playing Brooking based on some of the comments he made about the Eagles' offense.

We relayed some of those comments to Brooking today, and here's what he said in response:

"Oh, he’ll find me, I promise,” Brooking said of Celek. “You can print that one. He won’t have to look for me very hard... He can jump in the middle of our huddle, if he’s that bad."

Brooking also had some good thoughts on rookie linebacker Sean Lee. Oh, and he told us the last guy in the Cowboys' locker room he'd want to fight is Jay Ratliff. A reader named "perryhagen" wanted to know how much longer Brooking wanted to play before retiring.

Brooking wouldn't set a definite timetable, but he wants to play at least two more years.