Osi reverses ground on LeBron

If you're currently making a living in the New York/New Jersey area, it's probably not wise to have the opinion that LeBron James should stay in Cleveland. And if you play for the New York Giants and have a fledgling blog, then it's really a misguided move. Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora found out the hard way two weeks ago when he opined that James might be better off in the friendly confines of Cleveland rather than the mean streets of New York.

On Thursday night, Umenyiora backed off those statements in an interview with ESPN 1050.

"Oh man, I should have never had said that," Umenyiora told the station. "That was a big mistake. I want LeBron James to do what is best for him."

James could not immediately be reached for comment, but I'm told he will continue to monitor Umenyiora's blog from afar. For his part, Umenyiora has learned a valuable lesson in public relations. When there's even a remote chance that the Knicks or Nets could become relevant again, it's probably best not to advise one of the best players on the planet to remain in Ohio.

I would say that Umenyiora's approval rating in New York is at an all-time low, but it's nothing 12 or 13 sacks couldn't fix. So for all the latest LeBron/Osi news, continue to visit the NFC East blog on an hourly basis.