Ogletree turning heads in Dallas

ARLINGTON, Texas -- With the arrival of Dez Bryant and the absence of Patrick Crayton, Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree has sort of flown under the radar this offseason. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

At this time last season, owner Jerry Jones was telling anyone who'd listen that Miles Austin had the potential to replace Terrell Owens' production in the offense. And as you all know, Austin made Jones look smart (and saved the owner's rear) when he blossomed into a Pro Bowl receiver in '09. Now, Ogletree's trying to follow the footsteps of Austin, who was also an undrafted rookie.

Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com has a nice feature on Ogletree today. The former Virginia standout is shadowing Austin on and off the field, which seems like a good idea. And he's caught the eye of Jones, the club's hyperbole coordinator.

"I see a really focused player that is being called upon to play every position out there," Jones said. "They are asking him to do everything there is at receiver -- Slot, X, Y -- and that is impressive. Boy, is he up to the challenge.

"He's having to concentrate and having to work. After his first about 120 days here, there was no question about his speed, his quickness, his athletic ability and his instincts. He's got it, but if he'll carry it through and focus and be more consistent ... then he's got a chance to be a real player."

It's hard to tell much about an OTA session, but you see that Tony Romo and Ogletree have some nice chemistry. Ogletree's perfected the little smoke screen that allows him to use his speed to gain big yardage after the catch. Now, he's working on catching the ball in traffic 20 yards downfield. If the season started today, Austin and Roy Williams would start, Bryant would be the third receiver and Ogletree would be No. 4. But I think there's a chance that Ogletree could move into the No. 3 spot during the season.

Especially if Williams plays like he did last season.