Cowboys-Chargers: Super Bowl Preview?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- I knew that headline would suck you guys in. I have to admit that I missed large portions of the game because of a previously scheduled UFC pay-per-view event at my pal Daniel's house. Vikings players Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson were both in attendance, but I left before former NFL hopeful Brock Lesnar's fight.

I did tape the Chargers-Cowboys game and talked to two who coached in the game. The first drive for the Cowboys against a pseudo first-team defense resulted in a touchdown. Quarterback Tony Romo completed all three of his passes and then retired to the sideline to assist offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Head coach Wade Phillips looked disgruntled throughout the evening, but once the final whistle blew, he took part in a massive hug with his former players near midfield.

I'll check back later with comments from the coaches but for now, let's see what the assembled media came up with:

  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway wasn't impressed with most of the Cowboys' backups -- young and old. He thought Pacman Jones was so pedestrian that he looked more like an Adam. If you're looking for positives, first-round draft picks Mike Jenkins and Felix Jones each served with distinction. And early in the game, defensive tackle Tank Johnson showed why at least one coach has said he's having the best training camp of any Cowboy -- period.

If you're worried about the backup quarterback, join about 80 percent of the other teams in the league. That doesn't make Brad Johnson's tosses any more palatable, but it's something to consider before you fall in love with Chris Simms or whoever else ends up on the opening market.

  • Rick Herrin of the Star-Telegram offers a recap of the exhibition opener. Hopefully San Diego fans arrived early since the Cowboys' skill players were off the field after about five minutes.

  • I'll be watching Eagles practice and conducting interviews throughout most of the day tomorrow. Philly fans should start refreshing their screens at about 2:30 p.m.