Questions about Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys will begin their three-day, mandatory minicamp later this morning and the NFC East will provide wall-t0-wall coverage. The first practice begins at noon ET. Is there anything in particular you guys want me to focus on?

I'm interested to see how Patrick Crayton looks after taking an extended break from voluntary workouts. Will he be given a legitimate chance to earn playing time against the likes of Roy Williams and Kevin Ogletree? I think we all know the answer to that.

I also want to take a long look at rookie linebacker Sean Lee. During my trip to Philly this week, several Penn State alums informed me that Lee was "the real deal." Jeff McLane of the Inquirer insists that Lee will have a brilliant NFL career. We'll keep a close eye on him during team drills. I know the offensive linemen are starting to get a little annoyed with him because he's so gung-ho.

If you have other thoughts or suggestions, please leave them in the "comments" section. I'll be looking at those before practice. Thanks for your constant support.