The anatomy of Canty's deal with the Giants

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Peter King was embedded with Chris Canty's agent, Brad Blank, throughout the weekend. Peter provides a fascinating blow-by-blow account of how Canty ended up with the ninth team on his list.

"You play with fire sometimes," Blank said Sunday night, "and sometimes you get burned. I needed the Redskins. They pay people, and they pay people quick. It didn't work out with them, and I know I'll be second-guessed, but I did what I thought I had to do to get the biggest contract I could. You can't ignore the team you think is going to pay you the most money. But isn't it amazing? The last team on my list the other night is the team he ends up with. That's what happens in this business."

Vinny Cerrato was on the phone with Blank six seconds after midnight Friday morning. What do you think Canty would've earned from the Redskins? Something tells me he would've ended up in the $20 million guaranteed range, which is about $3 million more than the Giants gave him. In the end, though, Canty has a better chance at winning a Super Bowl with the Giants.

When things looked bleak for Canty on Friday, I'm a little surprised the Cowboys didn't try to pounce. Blank admitted that he thought about having to go back to Dallas on a two-year contract. Maybe the Cowboys really are scared about this DeMarcus Ware contract. Jerry Jones is trying to pay for a new stadium -- and he may have to cough up a $40 million guarantee.