Albert Haynesworth: I'll be at camp

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth released a statement Wednesday saying that he would report to training camp next month in Ashburn, Va. This will set up an incredibly awkward reunion with teammates and coaches who have called him out for his selfishness.

I believe the Redskins will continue to look for a trading partner for Haynesworth, but it's unlikely that a team would give up anything significant at this point in the proceedings. Even though the Redskins have already paid $32 million of the $41 million in guaranteed money they committed to Haynesworth, it wouldn't shock me if they released the player. Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen have attempted to change the club's culture, and they're not about to allow one player to undermine that conversion.

What does Dan Snyder think about all this? Well, he continues to stay in the background. And given the way he's behaved in recent months, I think he'd support whatever decision Shanahan ultimately makes. The coach can't afford to have a player such as Haynesworth show him up in the early stages of his tenure.

I think the relationship between Haynesworth and the Redskins has become too toxic to continue. Now I'm anxious to see what you guys think. Are there any Haynesworth sympathizers in the audience? Honestly, I'm more excited about that goal the U.S. just scored in extra time against Algeria.