Could T.O. stay in the NFC East?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
After Jerry Jones' surprising move to release Terrell Owens, we're now wondering where the receiver will end up. The problem for T.O. is that Jones was the only owner that appeared to be intoxicated by the player's production and star appeal. Here's a look at what the other three teams in the division might be thinking:

Eagles: Hahahahahaha...Wouldn't it be great to see T.O. reunited with Donovan McNabb? Would this qualify as the type of addition that would appease McNabb as he sits in judgment of Eagles' management? And the funny thing is there's probably a pocket of Eagles fans that would be all for this move. But Andy Reid would never let this happen. So let's cross off the Eagles from our list.

Giants: Seems more plausible, but here's one report from Newsday's Bob Glauber saying the team has "zero" interest in Owens. With Plaxico Burress' career hanging in the balance, the Giants need a backup plan. T.O. would give them a big-play threat, but he'd be a poor fit with Eli Manning. OK, he's a poor fit with any quarterback. But I especially think that he'd annoy Manning, who struggled when tight end Jeremy Shockey kept barking at him. T.O. would make Shockey look encouraging.

Redskins: Ding ding ding! Dan Snyder would absolutely love to make this deal. He's close friends with Jerry Jones, but that wouldn't preclude Snyder from signing T.O. to an inflated deal. Conventional wisdom suggests the Redskins are out of money, but Snyder's not about being conventional. He could use some of the money he's saving on Jason Taylor to go after T.O. I don't think Jim Zorn would look forward to working with T.O., but he might not have a choice. The Redskins could offer T.O. a one-year deal worth somewhere in the $4 million neighborhood. By the way, he picked up a check for $13 million from the Cowboys last offseason, so don't feel too bad for Owens.