Is Albert tweeting?

As some of you know, I predicted how the Albert Haynesworth-Mike Shanahan standoff would end in Thursday's column. We haven't heard much from Haynesworth during this offseason saga, but he may be ready to give us a glimpse into his soul.

The intrepid Chris Mortensen of ESPN is in the process of trying to verify Haynesworth's alleged Twitter account this morning.

"I have sent @alhaynesworth a DM [Direct Message] question that only he can answer if it's really him (like I think it is)," tweeted Mort on Friday morning.

If I can figure out the DM function on my Twitter account, I will also attempt to verify the authenticity of Haynesworth's account. Unfortunately, Shanahan hasn't followed Pete Carroll's lead in opening a Twitter account. Thanks for the tip.

Update: As I'm sure you've already seen, the author of Haynesworth's alleged account has shut down the account. That didn't take long.