Talkin' Cowboys OTs

Former NFL scout Bryan Broaddus, a longtime contributor to this blog, has joined forces with ESPNDallas.com in recent weeks and today he's discussing the Cowboys' situation at offensive tackle. Broaddus, who initially had concerns about Doug Free, has become an unabashed supporter of the player's work. Here's an excerpt:

"He’s got a great knack of keeping himself between the defender and the quarterback," Broaddus writes of Free. "He’s more of a get-in-the-way, shield run blocker than a physical, point-of-attack push blocker. That’s fine for a left tackle. He’ll be doing a lot of cut-offs, reaches and things like that, which is right up his alley. This guy is a good player in space."

Free proved that he could get the job done at right tackle, but I think he's better suited for the left side. You always expect the game to be too fast for guys who don't have a lot of experience. That wasn't the case for Free last season. By the way, Broaddus says that Robert Brewster is a "good bet" to make the team while rookie Sam Young out of Notre Dame is "on the bubble."