Time for Michael Vick to prioritize?

As some of you know, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell dropped by the NFL Rookie Symposium in Carlsbad, Calif., on Sunday to make a few remarks. Following his speech, Goodell was asked about the shooting of Michael Vick's dogfighting co-defendant outside a club that was hosting a 30th birthday bash for the Eagles quarterback.

"We're still gathering the facts," said Goodell according to an NFL.com report. "I think they've been reported fairly accurately from what I can tell and we've been told by law enforcement that he's not a focus of this at all. Obviously we've got to look to see whether there was any violation of policy in there or his conditions [for reinstatement last year after he served jail time and a suspension for his involvement in a dog-fighting ring]. We're continuing to gather that."

The league will obviously attempt to figure out whether one of Vick's former co-defendants, Quanis Phillips, was invited to the birthday party or just showed up on his own. And if he was invited, the league might try to ascertain how much say Vick had regarding the guest list. And just because the quarterback isn't a part of the shooting probe doesn't mean the feds won't have some interest in why Phillips and Vick may have been in the same place.

My guess is that Vick won't miss any time on the field because of this situation. But something tells me that he may get a "kindly" reminder from Goodell of how much is at stake for him. I kept seeing Vick's name show up in association with NBA All-Star parties in Dallas, and it looks like his birthday party Thursday night in Virginia Beach, Va., was a pretty elaborate event.

It seems like Vick might be better served keeping a lower profile. After all, I thought he was a focal part of the Eagles' fight against animal cruelty in Philadelphia. Perhaps it's time for the organization to stop celebrating Vick's redemption story long enough to remind him how it began.