Are the Cowboys still dysfunctional?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

OK, I know a lot of us are experiencing overexposure to Terrell Owens, so we'll see what else is out there after this post. And for those of you who can't get enough, I'm planning to dive into the mailbag later this morning. Last time I glanced, you guys had left over 3,500 questions.

Anyway, let me point you to a Len Pasquarelli column that suggests the Cowboys' locker room might still be dysfunctional. First of all, it's wonderful to have Len writing again after an extended illness. He's seen his share of dysfunctional locker rooms over the years, but the current one in Dallas could be at the top of the list. After some disturbing imagery regarding skincare, Pasquarelli makes the following point:

"One of the NFL's shrewdest owners, [Jerry] Jones need only look in the mirror to find the person most culpable for bringing Owens aboard," writes Pasquarelli. "Jones has adopted the Texas mentality, that everything has to be bigger. He's building the biggest stadium, has landed a Super Bowl, has some of the biggest contracts in the NFL and has the league's most-hyped team. The release of Owens is clearly an indictment of the Dallas owner."

Jones is admitting defeat on the T.O. experiment, but I think we have to give him some credit for finally realizing his mistake. It's easy to pin all the blame on T.O. -- especially because of his checkered football past -- but Jones served as the great enabler.