What's in Mosley's Mailbag?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

As of today, I've decided to resume/start fielding your mailbag questions on a daily basis. You've been incredibly generous with your feedback (over 3,800 questions at last glance), and I want to honor that with some consistent interaction. Now, let's see what's in The Bag. Something tells me T.O.'s name might come up today.

Bryan B. from (of all places) Dallas, you have the first word: Matt, I haven't heard anyone address the Cowboys' situation at wide receiver now heading into next year. I am hopeful that they will not enter next season with Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd as their starters. Is there any news or rumors about what, if any, moves they will make?

Mosley: Bryan, we've been addressing this topic on ESPN.com from the moment T.O. was released Wednesday evening. Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. was kind enough to cover this topic on the Beast. There's no question that this offense loses a major contributor with T.O.'s departure, but the Cowboys should be able to make up for it in different areas. Tim Cowlishaw had an excellent column Friday in the Dallas Morning News about how the Cowboys should convert to a run-based offense since they appear to have three excellent backs.

I think that you may have to live with the Cowboys beginning the season with Williams and Miles Austin as the starters. Austin has a huge upside, but it's a stretch to consider him a legit No. 2 guy in the NFL at this point. As some of you know, I've fallen hard for Ohio State receiver Brian Robiskie. Great pedigree, great route runner and big-time hands. Doesn't have elite speed, but then, neither did Anquan Boldin. The only other solution is to wait for Torry Holt to get cut and then go sign him to a short-term deal for $2 million or so a year.

Mike C. from Georgia has a Giants question: Matt: Love the blog...I know the Giants' strategy has been to load up on young talent with the draft (and Jerry Reese has done well so far). However, do you see any scenario where they could package 3-4 picks to the talent-starved Lions for ROBOTRON Calvin Johnson? Johnson may be the face of the Lions BUT at 0-16 they NEED a bunch of players and this could fill a need for both teams. Your thoughts?

Mosley: Mike, I'm also a huge fan of the CAPS LOCK. It can turn a harmless sentence into something foreboding. With that said, there's NO WAY Giants general manager Jerry Reese would package 3-4 picks in the draft to do something like this. First of all, the Giants still have a talented No. 1 wide receiver on the roster. And he becomes even more effective if he's not behind bars in September. The only scenario that makes any sense to me in a trade right now is doing something with Holt. But he'd have to re-do his contract. The Giants aren't going to pay him $6.5 million in '09.

Bob J. from Fort Worth offers a word of encouragement: Hi Matt, Great column on T.O. on Thursday. I enjoy your perspective on everything that goes on with the Cowboys. ... Where do you think T.O. will end up?

Mosley: Bob, your note has safely arrived in the inboxes of my army of bosses. That's very kind of you, sir. Regarding T.O., it wouldn't surprise me to see Al Davis go after him. Jerry Jones and Davis are close friends and I think Jones will put in a good work on T.O.'s behalf. Would T.O. work in Oakland? Did Randy Moss work in Oakland? He would eat JaMarcus Russell for breakfast -- and that's saying something. I think the only way he doesn't wreck a locker room is if he goes some place with a strong head coach. He obviously didn't have that in Dallas. He would definitely have that with the receiver-challenged Titans. That might be a pretty good fit actually. I keep hearing Baltimore come up, but I don't see it happening.

Joel from San Diego sent this letter to my home address, which is somewhat troubling: Matty boy, looks like you got your wish. But I couldn't help but notice that you were quick to change your stance from our last encounter. You sold to me that it would be relatively easy to replace T.O.'s production, yet on Cowherd's show today, you were quoted as saying that you feel that the offense will suffer (which it likely will). But with T.O.'s release, you too have been given notice. You and all of your merry men (the media). No longer can you use him as an excuse. Oh, what will poor, poor Romo do if he turns into a pumpkin in December? Who will Garrett blame for his inability to call a game? You thought you were covering the Cowboys a lot before? This season will keep you on your toes like no other. Keep up the good work!

Mosley: Joel, I apologize for not remembering our "last encounter." If the Cowboys are smart, they'll take full advantage of their three-headed running game and have a more balanced approach. I also think Martellus Bennett will continue to emerge as another threat in the passing game. That said, it's tough to replace a guy who had 38 touchdowns in three years, which leads the NFL over that time period. Is this move better for the long-term health of the organization? You bet it is. But in the short-term, I do think there will be some significant challenges. OK, I know we were focused on T.O. today, but I promise to spread things out in the mailbag next week. I look forward to our daily encounters.