Catching up with Jay Ratliff

Here's that audio of our interview with Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff on Dallas-Fort Worth's ESPN 103.3 FM. And thanks for all of your questions for Ratliff. I asked him a couple of your questions on the air and then he and I discussed the Albert Haynesworth situation later in the day.

Kudos to my arch-nemesis Ubersamoyed for this excellent question: "Rat, I understand that you have have taken up MMA crosstraining as a means to supplement your football skills. My question is fairly simple....are you concerned that some of these MMA moves might become instinctive? As much as I find the idea of Manning being Superman punched or placed in Silva's famous "Thai Clinch" in a game, I'm not sure the refs would appreciate your good form. Are you training in only football intensive MMA moves?

As you'll hear in the interview, Ratliff is focused on "football intensive" moves during his training in Atlanta. He's a pretty intense dude. Says he doesn't watch any sports on TV except MMA. He's simply not interested in watching football at any level and tries not to read anything about the Cowboys or himself.

JBCigars2 asked the following question: "As a member of the D line, I'd ask him what his peers thought of Doug Free's ability to take over for Flozell Adams. They go up against each other every day and should know if there is a problem or not. I suspect you won't get an honest answer if there was a problem, but the response might be interesting."

I asked Ratliff about the releases of Adams and Ken Hamlin. He simply said "it's a business" and talked about how valuable those players were to the team. But he pretty much said that it will happen to all of the players at some point in their careers. Off air, I was quite surprised by how supportive of Albert Haynesworth that Ratliff came across. Pretty interesting.