Eagles: We're not dumping Michael Vick

VickVickThe Philadelphia Eagles didn't let the holiday weekend stand in the way of a strongly worded statement Saturday denying they were considering cutting ties with quarterback Michael Vick in the aftermath of a shooting that took place at his 30th birthday party last week. A high-ranking club official told ESPN that the Eagles would not take any action until Virginia Beach police and the NFL conclude their investigations.

An AP report Saturday morning indicated that a person familiar with club's thinking said the Eagles were strongly considering releasing Vick. It didn't take the team long to respond:

Following the incident that occurred in Virginia on the morning of June 25, Michael [Vick] and his representatives promptly contacted law enforcement agencies, the Philadelphia Eagles and the National Football League. The Eagles were provided with very detailed information during that discussion as to what took place at the event. Those details have not changed in any way over the course of the last week. Our investigation to this point has confirmed and has been consistent with the information that was originally communicated to us.

Furthermore, any report or speculation that suggests the Eagles are considering releasing Vick are not true. We will continue to gather information and monitor the situation and we will not have any further comment until that process is complete.

The Eagles are basically saying that Vick hasn't changed his story in their eyes, and unless something else comes to light, he'll still be on the roster in 2010. Two Eagles sources told ESPN that the AP story was not true.

Now does that mean Vick's future with the Eagles is secure? No, I wouldn't go that far. There's a decent chance we'll find out more about Vick's 30th birthday party in the coming days. If any details emerge that Vick may not have related to the Eagles, his status on the team could be compromised. For now, though, it looks like the Eagles are standing by their quarterback -- at least in public.