An Eagles power struggle?

For years, folks in Philadelphia and other precincts have been trying to figure out who really wears the pants in the Eagles' front office. Coach Andy Reid has presumably had final say on all football matters for years, but there's a theory that president Joe Banner has taken over the reins lately.

Ashley Fox and Mike Jensen of the Inquirer have taken a long look at the complex relationship between the Eagles' power brokers. New general manager Howie Roseman sort of draws the short straw in this story, but he's obviously become an important figure in the organization. The most intriguing part of the story was an anonymous quote from an Eagles source indicating that Banner had the upper hand in the relationship:

"If you ask me who's running the show, I'd say Joe Banner, without question," said the team source. "All along, Joe's the boss. Jeffrey's the owner, Joe's the boss. Everybody knows that.

"When Andy first came here, he had the power. We were winning. It was like a shared type of thing. But guess what? Joe's got all the power again, and that's it."

As you'd expect, Reid and Banner both complimented each other in the story. But it's interesting that someone in the organization was bold enough to make such a pro-Banner statement -- even though it was an anonymous quote. I'm sure Reid would love to know the identity of that source, too.

But watching what happened with former general manager Tom Heckert making a lateral move to Cleveland and the entire Donovan McNabb episode, you can sort of see where that source might be coming from. So who gets the blame if the Eagles flame out this season and McNabb leads the Redskins to the playoffs?

I think it's still Reid. Now I'm anxious to see what you guys think.