Jimmy Johnson's a 'Survivor'

For some reason when an irate Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson was telling a player the "asthma field's over there" in the early '90s, it never occurred to me that he would one day appear on a CBS reality show. But that's exactly what will happen when the 67-year-old Johnson appears on "Survivor: Nicaragua" this fall.

I stopped watching when part-time nudist Richard Hatch took home the trophy ($1 million) in Season 1, but I'm told that we're entering Season 21 this fall. Perhaps the show will challenge ER's epic run, which was aided in part by Noah Wyle's inability to find another gig.

For Johnson, it's a chance to enhance his national profile. He's already a studio analyst for Fox Sports. And in recent months, he's enhanced other areas of his life. When Johnson's coaching career ended with the Dolphins, some folks thought he'd remain on a beach in Florida. But he's experienced a rebirth of sorts in recent years.

Perhaps seeing his former pal/boss Jerry Jones on a recent episode of "Entourage" inspired Johnson to become a contestant on "Survivor." He'll definitely be entertaining, although I think Barry Switzer would've been the better choice. I can't help but wonder how the great Tom Landry would've responded if he'd been asked to appear on a reality series such as "Big Brother 14." I think he may have passed on the opportunity.

So will you guys watch "Survivor: Nicaragua" now that you know Johnson's involved? I'm all in -- unless of course there's a conflict with "Monday Night Football." If you guys could select any former or current NFL player or coach to be on the show, who would it be?

I'd probably go with the Manster, Randy White.