Will the Giants make a run at Boldin?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Of the possible suitors for Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin, the Giants and Eagles seem to be mentioned most. Ralph Vacchiano of The Blue Screen Blog says that no one in the Giants' camp has ruled out making a run for Boldin, but he doesn't see it happening.

When I asked a member of the organization about a potential trade scenario for Boldin last night, he said "nothing's off the table." But it's important to note that several power brokers for the Giants are hopeful that Plaxico Burress will be available for most of the '09 season.

"I don't expect the Giants to go overboard to get Boldin," writes Vacchiano. "They could be bluffing, but the Giants legitimately seem to be content with their current receivers and the hope that maybe Plaxico Burress could return at some point next season. Plus, don't forget that Boldin won't only come with a high price in trade, but whomever gets him will also have to pay him Larry Fitzgerald money (or something close to $10 million per year). That could be tough for a Giants team that doesn't have a lot of cap room left."

The Giants recently committed $7 million per year to defensive end Chris Canty, and I'd be surprised if Boldin ends up making more than $8 million per year. The money's obviously important to him, but so is the chance to be a No. 1 receiver. That will not happen in Arizona because of Fitzgerald -- and it won't happen with the Giants if Burress is still around.