T.O. had Buffalo at 'hello'

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In case you missed it, AFC East blogger Tim Graham had an excellent column Friday about how the city of Buffalo has already fallen in love with Terrell Owens. I especially loved the photo of the wooden carvings of Chris Berman and former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly located outside the Big Tree Inn.

Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas told Graham that he envisions T.O. stopping by the Big Tree to rub elbows with fans following games -- and I can totally see that happening. Here's a quote from the Buffalo Mayor:

"As mayor, if Terrell Owens gets us to the playoffs, I will proclaim a day in his honor," Brown said with a laugh. "I will make it Terrell Owens Day in the City of Buffalo. And that's just for starters. Let's not even start talking about the ticker-tape parade."

Tim's willingness to spend several hours in a Buffalo watering hole is nothing short of amazing. The woman drinking chilled Sambuca seemed especially on point.

Anyway, it's a great read so check it out.