Ranking the Cowboys' 80-man roster

Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com woke up Wednesday morning and decided to rank the Dallas Cowboys' entire 80-man roster heading into Saturday's first training camp practice. I'm not totally sure what criteria he used, but I plan to ask him about this project Friday night when we're sitting on the San Antonio Riverwalk, which was last dredged in 1989.

If you're doing the rankings based on value to the team, I'm not sure how Tony Romo ends up in the No. 2 hole. If I were into this sort of thing, I'd probably rank him first followed by outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware. Here's Watkins' top 10:

1. DeMarcus Ware, OLB

2. Tony Romo, QB

3. Jay Ratliff, NT

4. Miles Austin, WR

5. Jason Witten, TE

6. Felix Jones, RB

7. Anthony Spencer, OLB

8. Mike Jenkins, CB

9. Terence Newman

10. Bradie James, ILB

Here's how I'd rank them:

1. Tony Romo

2. DeMarcus Ware

3. Jason Witten

4. Miles Austin

5. Jay Ratliff

6. Mike Jenkins

7. Felix Jones

8. Leonard Davis

9. Keith Brooking

10. Bradie James

Pretty revealing that Watkins has Martellus Bennett as the 34th best player on the roster. Did Jerry Jones really turn down a first-round pick for this guy? Calvin also had Terence Newman in the top 10. I think he's still a good player, but he doesn't belong in the top 10.

Now I'm curious to see what you guys think. Did you have any major problems with our top 10s?