Philly embraces change at QB

Longtime Philadelphia Daily News columnist Rich Hofmann had a front-row seat for the Donovan McNabb era, and that's why he knew it had to end after the '09 season. Donovan Fatigue was an actual condition that some folks are still being treated for in Philly. In his column today, Hofmann compares the Reid-McNabb years to other famous duos.

"When you look at it, Reid and McNabb are the only coach and quarterback to survive such a long stretch together without winning a Super Bowl, in a big media city, and in the talk radio/Internet age," writes Hofmann. "It might never happen again."

Hofmann's theory is that it's not in Philly's DNA to be able to endure so many near-misses over that period of time.

"If you didn't just win the whole thing, an accomplishment that offers everyone involved the protection of Kevlar, there are exactly two ways in the NFL to change the conversation: change the coach or change the quarterback," writes Hofmann. "And it is just simple human dynamics that you need to change the conversation every few years, for sanity's sake if for no other reason."

It's hard to predict where the Eagles will finish in the NFC East, but I think most folks agree that a change at quarterback was necessary. Now we'll see how long the honeymoon lasts with Kevin Kolb.