Bulluck handed the starting job?

ESPN.com's Tom Friend had a lengthy conversation with former Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck once he signed with the New York Giants on Saturday. For the record, I think it's an excellent signing despite the fact Bulluck is only seven months removed from undergoing major surgery on his left knee.

BulluckBulluckIt's reportedly an incentive-laden contract that could be worth as much as $2.5 million. And that's sounds pretty reasonable for a 33-year-old guy who has been the heart and soul of the Titans defense for several years. But there's one line from Friend's story that caught me off guard:

"When he woke up [June 20] without swelling, GM Jerry Reese offered him a contract and the starting middle linebacker job," writes Friend, describing the day after Bulluck's workout for the Giants.

Reese certainly has plenty of power in the Giants organization, but I've never known him to promise starting roles to anyone. I think Tom Coughlin will expect Bulluck to compete for the job with young players such as Jonathan Goff and rookie Phillip Dillard. I'm anxious to see how Bulluck's knee responds to daily practices in Albany. Something tells me that Coughlin will make sure he gets plenty of rest.

I'll consult with former Titans beat writer Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com AFC South fame to see what he thinks of Bulluck's future.