What to expect from Bulluck

I hope to have a phone visit with new Giants linebacker Keith Bulluck either today or tomorrow, but in the meantime, I've turned to AFC South blogger and former Titans beat man Paul Kuharsky for some help. Bulluck had a distinguished career with the Titans, but it's not easy to get a lot of national attention in Nashville unless you're a country singer. Here's an excerpt from Paul's blog entry from this morning:

It’s hard for a lot of Titans fans to come to terms with Tennessee letting Bulluck walk, but I think even before he tore up an ACL late in the season they had decided to move forward. They have a pretty good track record of letting guys go at the right time and not getting caught up in sentiment. ... The early talk is that he will be in the middle of the Giants’ D which will now be a Tampa 2, meaning he will drop deep into coverage regularly. If he is healed up, I can see him playing well in that role, but won’t be surprised at all if he winds up outside.

That's interesting that Kuharsky doesn't really see Bulluck playing in the middle. I'm not sure the Giants have any choice but to play him there at this point.