Kolb hears from McNabb on Day 1

Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb received a number of messages before his first practice today, but one text message really stood out. His former mentor and teammate, Donovan McNabb, was texting to wish him luck on the first day of training camp. That seems like good karma for both players, and it speaks to how classy McNabb has handled this entire situation.

"He told me to take one practice at a time and be patient," Kolb said Tuesday following the first practice of training camp. "And I said, 'Yeah, I hear you. It's a long season.' That's what I was saying before. You kind of get caught up in the whole realm of the whole season and whatever expectations. Just take it one practice at a time at this time of year and that will help you get a lot better."

I was fortunate enough to have dinner with Kolb's former college coach, Art Briles, last night and he's convinced that the quarterback will be a huge success with the Eagles. Briles stopped by OTAs last month and told Kolb to open up his shoulders a little more when he's making throws to his left. Briles and coach Andy Reid spent an hour trading stories after that practice.

The Beast will try to get in touch with Kolb this afternoon to see how his first practice went.