Brandon Jacobs wants to play smarter

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has taken a different approach this offseason in his weightlifting regimen, and it sounds like he has a different mindset. Jacobs talked to the Star-Ledger for its summer questionnaire series. It sounds like he wants to get back to punishing defenders, but he'll pick and choose his spots. Sounds like the same thing Marion Barber and his coaches are saying in Dallas:

Asked if he needs to start running over folks again, Jacobs said, "There needs to be more of that, but it needs to be in certain situations. More situations than none. But not all situations. Being smart about it, not being stupid and trying to be effective. I went back and watched all of my runs last year. On a lot of them, if I just get my knee up and come through, I’m at 1,400, 1,500 yards [in '09]."

I'm not sure it's as simple as lifting his knees a little higher, but it does sound like Jacobs wants to get back to his old style. And that would be a good thing for the Giants offense. By the way, we'll be on the ground in Albany for the first day of camp Sunday.