Looks like Albert failed first test

Albert Haynesworth Fails Conditioning Test (1:35)

John Clayton on Albert Haynesworth failing his conditioning test (1:35)

Just when you thought the Albert Haynesworth spectacle was losing steam, there are reports that the defensive tackle failed his conditioning test at Redskins Park on Thursday. He apparently passed the first portion of the test with flying colors, but the Post is saying that a bathroom break interrupted the second part. When Haynesworth returned to the field, he could not finish the test.

Unfortunately we don't have any footage of Mike Shanahan monitoring this test, but something tells me he was wearing a smirk on his face. Shanahan said that Haynesworth would have to pass the conditioning test before joining his teammates on the practice field. Now the player will have to work with athletic trainers on the side until he's ready.

I can remember the same thing happening to Larry Allen during Bill Parcells' first season in Dallas in 2003. And I believe Flozell Adams has been down this path before. And could someone remind where I read that Haynesworth was in the best shape of his life?

I just hope he's back on the field by the time the Beast arrives in Ashburn, Va., late next week.