Commissioner Goodell confuses the issue

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stopped by Eagles camp Tuesday afternoon and left many of us scratching our heads. A couple weeks after the league released a statement indicating Michael Vick was cleared to play, Goodell said Tuesday he has not yet made a decision on the matter.

In fact, he's planning to have dinner with the Eagles backup quarterback this evening. During a news conference following Tuesday's second practice, Goodell told reporters that Vick "can't afford lapses in judgment." He's obviously referring to Vick's June birthday party at which one of his former co-defendants in the dogfighting trial was shot.

I would be very surprised if Goodell decided to suspend Vick at this point in the proceedings. But it's obvious the commissioner is trying to get the player's attention. I watched Goodell and his traveling companion John Madden ride off in a black SUV about 20 minutes ago. Apparently they were headed to dine with Vick.

Vick's expected to address the issue Wednesday after practice. Hopefully the league will clarify its position by then. When I told starting quarterback Kevin Kolb about the commissioner's comments this afternoon, he was very surprised. He and Vick have become good friends and the two of them are roommates in camp.

Update: Here is a statement from the NFL on Vick.

Commissioner Goodell informed Michael Vick today (Tuesday, August 3) at Eagles camp that there will be no disciplinary action as a result of the incident in Virginia, based on his current understanding of the facts. Commissioner Goodell spoke several weeks ago by phone with Michael, Tony Dungy, and Eagles Coach Andy Reid. All were in agreement on the need for additional support measures to be added to Michael’s plan to enhance his opportunity to succeed in life and football. These additional steps will remain confidential, but they will require Michael to meet even higher standards.