Umenyiora set to chase gazelles

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

It's pretty apparent that Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora is starting to regain his swagger. He showed up Monday for the Giants' first day of voluntary workouts and he was flexing his muscles to teammates.

"Osi's been benching since the fall, so he's been bragging about how strong he is," backup defensive end Dave Tollefson said. "But when Tuck and I were doing squats, he wouldn't come within a 5-yard radius of us."

Umenyiora also delivered some good, old-fashioned Nigerian trash talk in describing his speed.

"[Justin] Tuck and [Mathias Kiwanuka] need some rest," said Umenyiora, who was born in London but grew up in Nigeria. "I'm from Africa; I don't need rest. I like to chase my food where I'm from. You ever chase a gazelle before? Chase a gazelle and you'll know running around and chasing Donovan McNabb is nothing."