Jeff Lurie checks in with Beast

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie has spent the last two days calling me "Dallas Guy," which may indeed be a reference to the city I've called home for the past 13 years. On Wednesday, Lurie spent most of his annual state-of-the-team address answering questions about Michael Vick's recent birthday party. I don't know about you guys, but I've sort of lost interest in that particular storyline. It would be one thing if Vick was projected as the starting quarterback, but that's not the case. Perhaps the Eagles should simply inform players that it's poor form to charge folks to attend their birthday parties unless the money's going to charity.

Fortunately, I bumped into Lurie later in the day and he wanted to discuss the NFC East. The Eagles owner reminded me (emphatically) that he'd predicted that the Cowboys were the most underrated team in the division at this time last year. He has a strange theory that teams that get annihilated in the final game of the season often come out strong the following year.

"We killed the Cowboys at the end of '08 and look what happened," said Lurie. "They killed us last season, so we'll see what happens now. People forget that we were 11-4 last season and should've had the playoff bye. But the team that gets blown out at the end of the season always gets dropped [in the predictions.]"

According to Lurie's groundbreaking theory, the Cowboys should also benefit from being blown out by the Vikings. From this point on, we'll refer to this as the Lurie Bounceback Theory.

Hold on, I think Brett Favre may have just sent me a text.