What's in Mosley's Mailbag?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Now that I've visited with all four head coaches from the Beast and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, I'm prepared to dive into the Mailbag. You guys have been extremely patient over the past week or so while I worked on a Jason Smith feature. And since we just surpassed the 4,000-question barrier, it's probably time to empty The Bag. This week, we had messages from at least one Big 12 South coach and two players projected to go in the first round. Check back throughout the weekend for more interactive experiences with the Beast.

Josh from Winston Salem, N.C., has the first word: Mr. Mosley, the biggest injury for Dallas last year was Felix Jones. He changed the game. He scored a touchdown on a kick return on a dismal special teams unit. When they split him out wide, defenses didn't know what to do. And Dallas got blitzed constantly last year. The way you beat the blitz is by getting it outside. Without Felix Jones, all teams had to do was press T.O. and they had no big play threat. When everyone talks about replacing T.O.'s production, they see a recieving corps that is in question. But I see someone others often forget, and that's Felix Jones. Thanks if you take my question. Always great to get a professional's take. Thanks!

The Professional: Josh, you raise an excellent point. I would still argue that Tony Romo's finger injury was more damaging to the psyche of the team, but losing Jones was certainly a setback. The only issue is that Jason Garrett hadn't exactly taken the training wheels off Jones last season before his injury against the Cardinals. Are you convinced that Garrett was going to utilize Jones as much as he needed to. That first Washington game keeps popping into my head. Jones may have had one carry in that game, and Wade Phillips tried to explain it by saying the Cowboys didn't have any plays prepared for Jones when they were trailing. It's just hard to say an injury was devastating when you don't have confidence that the men in charge were going to actually use Jones properly.

Tyler from Sacramento sent this via Twitter: Please tell me you are subscribed to Martellus Bennett's Twitter page. It's gold -- as you might imagine. Here's an example of the awesomeness: "I jus had the sexiest fedex woman ever deliver my boxes. Wow. She was hot. Made me wanna order more stuff, wonder if she came n a box?"

Mosley: Tyler, I'm signing up as we speak.

Ryan from New Brunswick on Line 2: Matt, thanks for all your answers. You're usually dead on. Do you think that the Giants will trade for a receiver? I have heard Braylon Edwards and [Anquan] Boldin as names that pop up. But the Giants won't be stupid enough to trade Osi [Umenyiora] will they?

Mosley: Ryan, welcome to The Bag. I think the Giants will stay right where they are and take the best player available. If there's great value with a guy like Michael Oher slipping to the bottom of the first round, that's something the Giants would consider. There's still the possibility of trading for Boldin, but I think it's more likely the Giants stay put and try to identify someone in the draft. Kenny Britt out of Rutgers is a name you should remember. And Hakeem Nicks is trying to eat his way to No. 29. The Giants don't make many "stupid" decisions, so no, I don't think they'll move Umenyiora.

Evan R. from an undisclosed location in Pennsylvania writes: Hey Matt, no disrespect intended but I am a larger than life Eagles fan, and it seems as if you never write about the Eagles. Mostly about the Cowboys and Giants. Even Washington gets more publicity than us! Any particular reason? Salutations.

Mosley: Believe it or not, I get this same e-mail from fans of every team in the division -- yes, even the Cowboys! I try to have at least one entry on every team each day. And of course, things slow down in the offseason at times. But here's my Donovan McNabb/Andy Reid column that's leading the NFL site right now. There's a guy I've seen in the comments section who actually keeps statistics on which team receives the most entries. Let's see if he'll give us an update. But I'm sensitive to what you're talking about and I wish there was a way I could do separate blogs for every team. I think that would make everyone happier -- except maybe my family members who occasionally like to speak to me.

Danny S. from the state of Connecticut, you have the final word: Mosley, love the blog and you do a great job covering the best division in the NFL. I just wanted you to expand on the question you asked Jerry Reese about Danny Ware. A lot of us diehards have heard the whispers that Ware might in fact be the most complete back on the team. What do you think of the guy? Also do you think they let Derrick Ward walk less because of Ahmad Bradshaw and more because of Ware?

Mosley: I like Danny Ware because of his versatility. I think he's a really nice change of pace from Jacobs, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We talked about Earth, Wind and Fire quite a bit, but a Fire never broke out in 2008. For whatever reason, Kevin Gilbride couldn't seem to get the guy in the rotation much. But now I think you'll see him get about 10 carries per game. Ware's biggest impact will be in the passing game. And with Jacobs' history of getting banged up, it wouldn't surprise me to see Ware with an increased role. Reese isn't the type of guy to get emotional, but his eyes did light up when I brought up Ware. I think he's pretty high on him.