Giants hoping for the good Webster

Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger has an interesting story this morning on Giants cornerback Corey Webster. General manager Jerry Reese said it's time for Webster to get his mind right and be a consistent player.

"He’s got to be the guy we paid,” said Reese. “He’s got some play-making ability. He’s got to keep it between his ears, keep it right in his head.

"He’s got all the tools to be a really great corner. But he’s got to get it in his head, ‘I’m a great corner and I can play against anybody.’ When he falls short sometimes, I think he has a mental lapse in his head about something.”

You don't want to hear a GM talking about your confidence issues if you're a starting corner in the league. The good news for Giants fans is that Webster's having an excellent camp. I think he needs someone to get in his ear every now and then to remind him how good he is. Mike Jenkins sort of needed that when he first showed up at Valley Ranch. And I think Perry Fewell will be that guy for Webster.