The Eagles played a game last night

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
During a quick layover in Cincinnati last night, I caught the first quarter of the Eagles' 24-13 exhibition victory over the Panthers. You could tell that the wet field at the Linc wasn't helping either offense, but you still got a nice look at rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who had seven catches for 71 yards. The Reggie Brown injury looked pretty bad with him writhing in pain on a table, but then he walked off the field.

I think the one throw Donovan McNabb would love to have back is the deep ball to Jackson, who ran a perfect stop-and-go on a play in the first quarter. In McNabb's defense, Jackson needs to learn how to keep running full speed throughout the route. He spent several steps finding the ball, but there's really no need for that. It's something that Bill Parcells used to talk to his receivers about all the time. Randy Moss does it better than anyone, and that's why it's almost impossible for Tom Brady to overthrow him. Also helps that he has the longest legs in football.

OK, let's take a look at what the Philly papers are saying:

  • Bob Brookover of the Inquirer says the Eagles' reserves covered for the starters. Jackson had another strong outing, but fans have to be worried about the fact that Kevin Curtis and Greg Lewis were dropping passes. Maybe it was the weather, but it's still a bad sign. McNabb was only 11-of-24 and was not able get the Eagles into the end zone.

  • Classic line from free-agent rookie linebacker Justin Roland at the end of Les Bowen's blog entry. Poor Roland wasn't aware of the option to keep the ball that he returned 74 yards for a touchdown. I'm not sure Roland was in the mix for a roster spot heading into this game, but he certainly is now. By the way, Les Bowen is having way too much fun with his blog. Loved the obscure "Song of Roland" reference. It's like taking an English professor and putting him on a football beat. Very enjoyable.

  • Brown has a strained hamstring and will be out indefinitely. It's quite a setback for a guy who's gained the reputation of being a slow starter. I thought it looked like a season-ending injury with how he reacted. But a hamstring strain generally keeps a player out for about three weeks.

  • Paul Domowitch of the Daily News has more on DeSean Jackson. The only negative was the fumble on the punt return. Of course, he'd already raced 27 yards when he fumbled so it's not all bad.