Martellus Bennett doesn't get it

So the Dallas Cowboys are cruising the streets looking for healthy tight ends and former preseason all-star Martellus Bennett doesn't seem in a hurry to return to the field. The mercurial player seems to think last year's "breakout" performance in the preseason should in some ways exempt him from the exhibition games this time around. Right now, he's nursing a sore ankle that could keep him out of Thursday's "game" against the Oakland Raiders. Not to worry, though.

"What really counts is the season,” Bennett told Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com. “[Beep], I had a hell of a preseason last year. That [beep] didn’t mean nothing. I had 300 yards or whatever in three games, but that doesn’t mean nothing.

"But what really counts is the season, not the preseason or whatever. I just want to get to the season and do my job."

Yes, because Bennett's the type of player who doesn't need any extra repetitions. He seems to have this football thing down -- especially in the preseason. Jerry Jones reportedly passed up a first-round draft pick from the Bengals for Bennett before last season.

What do you think the Cowboys could get for Bennett now? I've always liked Bennett because he's sort of an off-beat guy, but at some point he'll have to wake up and seize this opportunity. John Phillips had become the second-best tight end on the roster before he tore his ACL in Sunday's preseason game.

The last thing Bennett should do is play down the importance of practice and preseason games. After all, that's when he's truly shined in the past.