Redskins re-sign Daniels

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The Washington Redskins turned to a familiar face Tuesday in an effort to bolster their defense. As expected, Phillip Daniels re-signed with the team for a one-year deal worth $845,000.

In the last two weeks, the Redskins have turned back the clock to sign both 35-year-old Renaldo Wynn and the 36-year-old Daniels. Neither player is a dominant pass-rusher, but they should provide some much-needed depth. Daniels hasn't had a nine-sack season since he was with the Bears eight years ago and his best season with the Redskins came in 2005. Still, he's a respected voice in the locker room and he should be able to help against the run.

Will he have much of an effect in the pass rush? Well, he combined for 5.5 sacks in the 2006-07 seasons, so I don't expect him to suddenly have a 10-sack season. I guess it won't take long to find out how valuable Albert Haynesworth is. If he can turn guys like Wynn and Daniels into threats, then maybe he's worth $41 million in guaranteed money.