Can Kolb escape Donovan's shadow?

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Ford wonders if the Eagles have taken the correct approach with Kevin Kolb. Have they done him a disservice by not throwing him into the fire sooner?

"When Kevin Kolb steps in as the starter this season, the least of his worries will be faux [Donovan] McNabbs sitting in the stands wearing their jerseys of defiance," writes Ford. "He can change those wardrobe patterns with a few wins. What Kolb will have to deal with, however, is the very real effect of the roadblock McNabb was to his early career and the shadow McNabb's legacy still casts on him and the whole team."

I thought Kolb had a very interesting quote that appeared in this column:

"When we are in the huddle, basically we have all been through the same things, and I think what that gives you is, it gives everyone a sense of entitlement rather than just one guy and that's what we want," Kolb said.