Dez Bryant is hitting the (play)books

Just saw an intriguing blog entry from ESPNDallas.com's Calvin Watkins about Dez Bryant's efforts to learn the Dallas Cowboys' offense. Pro Bowl wide receiver Miles Austin thinks the first-round pick will benefit from some extra time with his playbook while he's not able to practice because of a high ankle sprain.

"We were talking the other day, for a half-hour about one play," said Austin on Wednesday. "And I know some of the guys probably get upset, but it was like you go over every single thing of the one play and after that half hour, everyone is clear on it and we're good to go."

A cynic might suggest that a half-hour on one play is a bit excessive, but for now, I'll chalk it up to Bryant's eagerness to know every facet of Jason Garrett's offense. Austin continued his praise of Bryant:

"He's upbeat and positive," said Austin of the rookie. "You can tell he’s coming along and he’s getting it. He's definitely focused on the offense and now making sure he picks up all the small caveats and different things. When you're out there playing you can let a few things slip, but if you're watching and actually sitting down in the classroom, it slows things down for you. Once he gets back [on the field] he’ll know a lot of the offense, or all of the offense and be ready to play."

So maybe there's a silver lining to this injury. Thoughts? Concerns? Taunts?