Titans (sort of) accuse Redskins of tampering

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The Tennessee Titans have submitted evidence to the NFL that they believe indicates the Redskins violated league tampering rules by contacting defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth before the start of free agency, according to a report in The (Nashville) Tennessean. The Titans haven't filed a formal grievance, which seems to indicate they're on a fishing expedition at this point.

It's nearly impossible to make one of these tampering allegations stick, and that's why the league's about to change the rules to allow a grace period of negotiations leading up to free agency. It's hard to imagine a team committing $41 million in guaranteed money to a man five hours after the start of free agency, but it's not like the Redskins were the only team on the phone.

Maybe AFC South blogger and former Titans beat man, Paul Kuharsky, can convince me otherwise, but I don't feel sorry for a team that had exclusive rights to negotiate with Haynesworth for years. Yes, it's against the rules to tamper. But the league has (for the most part) been looking the other way on this rule for a while. Until the league addresses the issue, this type of thing will go on every year.

And if you want to accuse a team of tampering, go ahead and file a formal complaint. Sending in clips of Vinny Cerrato's radio show seems kind of weak to me. But, hey, at least the Titans are listening.