Grace under fire by Campbell

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

No matter which side you took in the Cutler-Broncos saga (if you took either), I think we can agree the quarterback came across as remarkably thin-skinned. And as Michael Wilbon pointed out today in the Washington Post, Cutler got his way in the end -- despite his laughable comments to Jay Glazer at a UFC event the other night. Now, Cutler can enjoy that exciting supporting cast the Bears will provide. Oh wait. He won't have a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver? Oh well. At least Bears fans will be easy on Cutler's ego -- until he loses that first game.

In reading Wilbon's column this morning, I was struck by the loyalty that Jason Campbell that showed toward his teammates. No one would've blamed him for taking a day off to lick his wounds, but instead, Campbell showed up, worked out and even met with reporters. It's too bad the Redskins were so desperate land a guy who had the exact opposite reaction when he found out the Broncos were shopping him in late February. Here's what Campbell said to Wilbon on Thursday:

"I still went and worked out," he said. "My teammates said, 'Jason, why are you here?' And I told them: 'I'm still the quarterback of this team until they get rid of me. You haven't seen the best of me. I'm not here for ownership. I won't miss days working out with you, and I won't miss time preparing for the season. Who knows? A trade may not work out.' "

OK, let's leave this story alone for a couple hours and see what the other teams in the division are up to.