Columnist: Shawn Andrews a Giant mistake

I was anxious to find out what the Eagles media thought of the Giants signing offensive lineman Shawn Andrews, and they didn't disappoint Friday. Philadelphia Inquirer NFL columnist Ashley Fox quickly poked holes in the move based on the way Andrews' stint with the Eagles ended.

"The New York Giants must have been getting their Michael Phelps on early Friday morning when they decided to scratch Shawn Andrews a check. It's the only explanation for why the Giants would agree to pay the former Eagles offensive guard anything north of $1 to take up space in their locker room.

"That, or they needed a singer. Or their trainers needed something to do. Or general manager Jerry Reese just felt like lighting money on fire."

Ashley will return later to tell us how she really feels about the signing. But I'm sure a lot of Eagles fans agree with her take. Even if Andrews is able to return to Pro Bowl form someday, fans aren't going to second-guess Andy Reid for letting him go. And this little disagreement over whether or not Andrews actually failed a physical for the Eagles in March doesn't matter. He had overstayed his welcome in Philly.

No one's ever doubted Andrews' immense talent, but his passion for the game has been in question for years. Apparently Reese and Tom Coughlin enjoyed their separate conversations with Andrews and feel like he's worth the risk. And at least Reese won't have to light too much money on fire.

The Giants have protected themselves on the contract, and Andrews will likely have to reach several incentives to see significant money. Basically, the Giants are offering his career a life raft. Will he take advantage of this opportunity?

I have my doubts. But I don't blame the Giants for trying. As I said earlier, Andrews wasn't signed to play right away. I think this move was made with 2011 in mind, although Coughlin probably wouldn't admit that.