Podcast: Ex-Boys coach Jimmy Johnson

Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson talked with "Galloway & Co." on ESPN Radio 103.3 about how he fared on "Survivor" and assessed the 2010 Dallas Cowboys through what's been seen so far in preseason.

Johnson also weighed in on whether he would be supportive of an 18-game regular-season schedule.

"I would have preferred to have an 18-game regular-season schedule and no preseason games," said Johnson. "I hated preseason. Really, people say that you need four preseason games. That's ridiculous! That fourth game, they don't even play anybody and really that first one, they only play a series.

"You could get away with two preseason games, get your team ready and hey, it's a level playing field for everybody. Everybody's going to have two preseason games. And I think with the 18 regular-season games, it maybe helps them get that collective bargaining agreement signed. Get the union and the owners together, it will add more money to the pot for those veterans. Now they have to work on that rookie pay scale and make sure the rookies don't get these huge contracts when they don't deserve it. There's only so much money in the pie. Add a little money with those two regular-season games, give that money to the veterans and restrict how much money these rookies are getting -- and then get the agreement signed."

Hopefully Roger Goodell is reading the Beast today -- per his usual routine.