The Stewart Bradley family portrait

Now that she's had time to recover from her epic "Deciders" series for the Inquirer, Ashley Fox has a nice feature story on middle linebacker Stewart Bradley and his competitive family. Apparently Bradley's mean streak comes from a mother who's been known to throw fake money in anger after losses in Monopoly. (Now I don't feel so weird that my mom threw tantrums when things didn't work out in Candyland).

The most interesting part of the story (outside of board games) to me is that Bradley and tight end Cornelius Ingram were able to push each other as they both recovered from serious knee injuries.

"There were days I was dead tired, and he was, like, 'Let's get some extra reps,' and I was, like, 'I just told you I was dead tired,'" said Ingram. "But it helped. Anything we did, he wanted to do extra, and it's no secret to why the guy's good. ... He made sure, regardless of if he was frustrated he couldn't play last season, he was going to be right for this season."

Bradley, Brent Celek and Kevin Kolb were in the same draft class in '07. They've become close friends and they've emerged as leaders on this team. If the 2010 Eagles are going to return to the playoffs, all three of them need to have excellent seasons.