Leonard Davis: Don't sweat the preseason

IRVING, Texas -- Knowing the citizens of North Texas are in a state of panic about some lackluster preseason performances by the Dallas Cowboys, I decided to focus on the offensive line in my weekly "Obstructed View" column for ESPNDallas.com. I spoke with Alex Barron (briefly), Leonard Davis and Montrae Holland over the course of a 45-minute open locker room session Tuesday.

Davis, who began his career with the Arizona Cardinals, seemed a bit taken aback to hear that so many folks were concerned about the way the offense has looked in back-to-back games against the Chargers and Texans.

"I don't buy into the theory that preseason can predict how a team's going to do in the regular season," said Davis. "We used to get on a roll in the preseason [in Arizona] and then we'd get pounded in the real games. It can go either way. But people who think preseason is a determining factor are stretching things."

It's interesting that Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano is taking the opposite approach to Wade Phillips. He's basically said that starters will have to show him something before he's willing to pull them from the game Thursday. That means that we'll see Cowboys third-team quarterback Stephen McGee line up against the Dolphins' best pass-rushers. If Phillips cares about this guy's well being, he may want to mix in a starter or two on that offensive line.