Cowboys, Chargers agree to Crayton trade

The Dallas Cowboys have agreed in principle to send veteran wide receiver Patrick Crayton to the San Diego Chargers in exchange for a late-round draft choice, according to Crayton's agent, Fred Lyles. The trade is somewhat surprising since the Cowboys were likely to release Crayton and his $2 million 2010 salary Saturday afternoon.

It probably speaks to how much respect that Chargers coach Norv Turner has for Crayton. The Chargers are definitely the winners in this trade. The Cowboys will save some money, but they'll lose a proven wide receiver. Crayton has been more productive than No. 2 receiver Roy Williams, and Dez Bryant didn't get a snap in the preseason.

"Patrick is thrilled with this," Lyles told the NFC East blog. "I don't think there was a better situation out there."

Lyles was given permission by the Cowboys to help facilitate the trade, and he immediately focused on the Chargers. With Vincent Jackson in a contract holdout and suspended for the first three games, Crayton should immediately be among the Chargers' top three receivers. Turner still has a lot of friends in the Cowboys organization (see Jason Garrett), so I'm sure he got a good read on Crayton's ability.