Philadelphia Eagles: Franchise player

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
Readers' pick: Reggie White, Defensive end

It's impossible to argue with the top pick, and that's why White ended up with nearly 49 percent of the vote. When you talk about great pass rushers in the modern era, White is the gold standard.

The last of the two-way stars, Chuck Bednarik, checks in at No. 2. Every organization has an iconic player who is emblematic of the fan base. And that's why thousands of Eagles fans own that black-and-white picture of Bednarik standing over a lifeless Frank Gifford.

I'm not surprised that Randall Cunningham finished ahead of Donovan McNabb, although I think McNabb is the better quarterback. This city fell in love with Cunningham, and old habits die hard. I did think that Ron Jaworski would finish higher than seventh place.

I get the fact that Brian Dawkins embodies the city's passion, but I'm surprised that he and Brian Westbrook finished ahead of Jaworski, who led to the team to a Super Bowl. Other players who should've been considered were "Super Bill" Bradley, Eric Allen and Bob Brown.

One major gripe: The late, great Jerome Brown has to be on this list.

Now, I'm anxious to hear from you guys.