Are you buying this Cowboys roster?

Our colleagues at ESPNDallas.com came up with an interactive feature Tuesday afternoon that allows readers to "buy, sell or hold" players on the Cowboys' 53-man roster. If you're feeling some effects from the holiday weekend, this is an excellent way to sort of ease back into the work week.

ESPNDallas.com beat man Calvin Watkins looked at what players will make this season and predicted whether they would earn their paychecks. Center Andre Gurode has become a perennial Pro Bowl player for the Cowboys, but Watkins is "selling" Gurode's $3 million paycheck this season. That's bound to cause a little controversy in the locker room.

When one of my former colleagues at the Dallas Morning News made a similar judgment regarding safety Roy Williams a few years back, someone from the Cowboys organization posted a typewritten letter in the locker room poking fun at the writer's weight issues. Fortunately, Watkins, a former boxing writer, is in peak physical condition.

In other news, Watkins put a "hold" on left tackle Doug Free's $550,000 contract for 2010. The NFC East blog would "buy" that contract immediately.