Hanging with the Stafford entourage

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NEW YORK -- Matthew Stafford definitely got his money's worth ($41.7 million) in terms of bringing friends and family members to New York. I just visited with his father, John Stafford, for about 15 minutes in the interview room located in the bowels of Radio City Music Hall. Stafford's father, who's in commercial real estate in Dallas, said the family would not be relocating to Detroit. He said Matthew would likely have homes in Detroit and Dallas, which seems doable in light of today's events.

John Stafford told me that a group of 20-25 friends were at Bar Americana last night at about 10 p.m. ET when Matthew left the table to take a phone call. When he walked back in, he put both thumbs in the air and everyone erupted.

"There were hugs all around," said Stafford's father. "It was wonderful."

John said that his son is very sensitive to the economic situation in Detroit and has already started looking at ways to invest in the community. Perhaps a Stafford bailout plan is on the way.

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