Vick clarifies postgame comments

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said something following Sunday's 27-20 loss to the Packers that fueled a quarterback controversy that already had plenty of gas in the tank. Vick said that if he'd played "four quarters, maybe we would have had a chance to win the game."

As Jeff McLane of the Inquirer reports, Vick attempted to clarify those remarks Monday:

"As a competitor, that's the way I feel," Vick told two reporters. "If I was out there for four quarters maybe we'd have a chance to win, I'd have to fight back. Not to take anything away from the offense in the first half and what Kevin [Kolb] did. I was just saying, 'Myself, I believe in myself.' If I'd had been out there who knows what would have happened? But Kevin is going to be fine. He'll do a good job. Sometimes the offense has got to get into a rhythm."

Even Andy Reid attempted to clarify Vick's remarks:

"He was really saying that he kind of ran out of time there, he wished he had another quarter back and might have pulled that thing out there," Reid told reporters Monday.

Or I guess there's always the chance that Vick meant exactly what he said after the game. By all accounts, the quarterbacks have an excellent relationship, but that's not going to prevent Vick from coveting Kolb's job. You have a former Pro Bowl quarterback who inspired his teammates and a fan base on Sunday backing up an unproven starter who performed poorly in the first half.

If Vick lights it up against the Detroit Lions on Sunday (Kolb will likely miss the game), should he remain the starter? I don't think so, but I'm sure some of you might disagree with me -- just this once.