Trent Williams had a nice debut

One of the key matchups in Sunday night's Cowboys-Redskins game was supposed to be rookie left tackle Trent Williams vs. All-Pro outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware. For the most part, Williams held his own against Ware, although he was beaten for a sack on an inside move. Former Cowboys and Eagles scout Bryan Broaddus, who now works for ESPNDallas.com and ESPN 103.3, was really surprised to see on film Monday that the Skins left Williams one-on-one with Ware for most of the game.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was quite pleased with the way his rookie left tackle performed.

"I thought for Trent's first game in the National Football League, he did a great job. ... You can see his athleticism," said Shanahan.

Williams and Ware met for the first time on a flight from Indianapolis to Dallas following the NFL combine. I happened to be sitting behind them on the flight and recall the two of them having a brief but lively discussion about Williams' experience at the combine. Ware had been in town to meet with NFL Players Association officials.

"I didn't recognize him at all," Williams told me Sunday night. "But when he introduced himself, my ears perked up a little bit."