Reid: Kolb, Bradley have 'made progress'

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid said Wednesday that quarterback Kevin Kolb and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley had both failed the second phase of concussion testing but had "made progress" since Monday. Reid said that Michael Vick would take the first-team snaps Wednesday and Thursday, but that the Eagles "we'll take Friday as it comes."

Reid also reiterated that Kolb remains the team's starting quarterback: "Kevin knows he's the guy," Reid told reporters Wednesday.

The Eagles coach is walking a fine line in this situation because he wants to praise Vick's performance Sunday while reassuring Kolb at the same time. He's also facing questions regarding why the Eagles allowed Kolb and Bradley to return to the field Sunday before removing them for good at halftime.

"I feel very comfortable that we followed the protocol," Reid said. "The most important thing that happened was that [athletic trainer] Rick (Burkholder) followed up."

I still don't quite understand how you let Bradley return to the field once you see him staggering around following that collision with teammate Ernie Sims.